• Playing the Videos :
  • Our videos use DivX video compression technology, the most advanced video compression technology used by millions of people worldwide. This technology allows to compress video files better than any other so you can enjoy High-Quality video without downloading very large files!

    So instead of watching low-quality and slow streaming video or downloading extra-large files you can download our Quality clips to your computer and play them anytime you want to. Even when your membership is expired!

    In order to play our videos:

    1. You need to have DivX 5.2.1 or later installed - it is FREE and available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
    2. You need to download videos to your computer and play them from your hard drive.
    3. Our video clip sizes are up to 50 Megabytes - good internet connection is recommended for easy downloading.

    Download a FREE DivX software and DivX Player!
    (We recommend dowloading a FREE version of DivX - it is Enough for playing our videos!)

    After you downloaded and installed Free DivX Player just start it, open the video file you have dowloaded from our site and Enjoy!

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